Howdy Smith Reining Horses
                                             6686  East St.
                                   Texarkana, Arkansas 71854
This stallion breeding contract hereinafter designated contract for the breeding season of 202
0 made and entered
into on the _____ day of ________________, is by and between Howdy Smith Reining Horses, hereinafter designated
Stallion Owner, and its employees hereinafter designated Breeder and _______________________________,
hereinafter designated Mare Owner. Mare Owner agrees to breed the mare, ___________________________
registration number _____________, to the stallion CIELOS ELECTRIC JAC, hereinafter designated Stallion,
registration number 5376597, for the fee of $750 for a live foal subject to the following conditions:

1. This contract is good for one foal only. Should more than one foal be the
result of this breeding ,whether accidental or intentional, mare owner agrees to pay $750 for each resulting foal.

2. A non-Refundable booking fee of $250 is payable with this contract. The balance of $500 plus all unpaid expenses
shall be paid before the mare is bred or before any cooled semen is shipped. This contract becomes binding by both
parties when booking fee is paid and Stallion Owner or Breeder signs and returns one copy of the contract to Mare

3. Breeder agrees to provide suitable facilities for the care and feed of Mare and/or foal while in its custody. Mare
Owner agrees to pay for care and feed at the rate of $10 a day for dry mares and $10 a day for wet mares. The daily
mare care doubles after the Mare is vet checked in foal 45 days.

4. Breeder will decide on the necessary veterinary and farrier services for the care and well being of Mare and/or foal.
Mare Owner will pay all veterinary and farrier expenses.

5. All above expenses will be billed and due monthly upon receipt of billing. A late fee will be charged on the unpaid
balance at the rate of fifteen per cent (15%) per annum commencing thirty (30) days after presentation of invoice.
Should Stallion Owner initiate legal action to enforce any terms of the Contract, Mare Owner shall pay all of Stallion
Owner’s and Breeder’s court costs and attorney fees incurred.

6. The Mare shall be halter broken, healthy, in sound breeding condition, free from infectious, contagious or
transmittable disease. A current negative Coggins test, a negative uterine culture within 30 days for barren mares,
Health Certificate, a record of worming and immunizations and a copy of the Mare’s registration papers must
accompany the mare. If not, the Breeder reserves the right to refuse the Mare or have a certified veterinarian examine
and test the Mare at the Mare Owner’s expense.

7. Breeder agrees to diligently try to settle the Mare; however, neither Stallion Owner, Breeder nor any other
representative shall be liable for failure of the Mare to get in foal or produce a live foal for any reason whatsoever.
The Mare Owner agrees to give Breeder ample opportunity to settle Mare. Mare Owner agrees to notify Stallion
Owner when Mare is confirmed safe in foal.

8. It shall be the Mare Owner’s responsibility to maintain insurance on Mare and foal, if so desired:
Insurance Carrier ____________________________________ Insurance Carrier’s
phone number ____________________

9. This contract contains a live foal guarantee. A live Foal is defined as a newborn foal that stands and nurses without
assistance.  If the foal is born dead, or the Mare absorbs, miscarries, aborts or proves barren after being pronounced
in foal, the Mare Owner has the right to return privileges during the current breeding season which runs February 15
through July 1, or the following breeding season, with a $300 chute fee. Mare Owner has the choice of rebreed on the
same Mare or a Stallion Owner approved substitute Mare. The live foal  guarantee does not apply to any mare being
bred under the rebreed privilege.

10. Mare Owner agrees to have Mare checked safe in foal at 18 days, 30 days, and 60 days by a certified
veterinarian. Documentation must be presented to Stallion Owner or Breeder and verified by a certified veterinarian
stating the Mare is safe in foal. Also Veterinarian Report of cause of death of foal must be presented. If above written
documentation is not presented, rebreed privileges as defined in item 9 do not apply.

11. A breeder’s certificate will be issued for the foal when all the fees have been paid and the Stallion Owner is
notified that the foal has been born.

12. Mare Owner shall indemnify and hold Stallion Owner, Breeder, employees, veterinarian and any parties involved
harmless against any loss, ability, or damages incurred in connection with or arising from (I) the services provided
under this Contract, (ii) any activity, work, or thing done or permitted to be done by Stallion Owner or Breeder
pursuant to this contract, (iii) any acts, omissions, or negligence of Stallion Owner or Breeder or any person claiming
under Stallion Owner, (iv) any breach, violation, nonperformance by Mare Owner or any person claiming under Mare
Owner of any term, covenant, or provision of the Contract, or any law, ordinance or governmental requirement of any
kind or (v) liability for any loss including but not limited to fire, theft, sickness, disease, injury, death, damage or other
harm suffered by Mare, foal or Mare Owner, Agent or employee whether or not deemed to be caused by Stallion
Owner or Breeder’s negligence.

13. It is agreed that should CIELOS ELECTRIC JAC die, be sold, or become unfit for use prior to settling the Mare, the
breeding fee paid will be refunded thereby canceling this contract. In the event that the Mare dies or becomes unfit for
use after being serviced by Stallion, the Stallion Owner has the option of accepting another mare as replacement, or
refunding the breeding fee not including the booking fee.

14. It is agreed that should the Mare be sold or change ownership after being serviced by the Stallion, the
“live foal guarantee” and rebreed privileges will no longer be valid.

15. This Contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Arkansas. Each provision hereof shall
extend to and shall, as the case may require, bind and inure to the benefit of the Mare Owner and their respective
heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns. In case any one or more of the provisions contained in this
Contract shall for any reason be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, shall invalidity, illegality or
unenforceability shall not effect any other provisions hereof and the Contract shall be construed as if such invalid,
illegal or unenforceable provision had never been contained herein.

16. Pregnancy losses/confirmations should be reported immediately to Stallion Owner or Breeder. All pregnant mares
must be vaccinated for Rhinopneumonitis at the 5th, 7th, and 9th months of gestation. Or rebreed privilege will no
longer be valid.

17. If transported cooled semen is desired, the enclosed addendum shall also be signed and adhered to.

18. This Contract and the Shipped Cooled Semen Addendum (if needed) represent the entire agreement between the
parties. No other agreements or promises verbal or implied are included unless specifically stated in the written
amount paid________________amount owed_________________________________

Stallion Owner: Howdy Smith Reining Horses
6686  East St.
Texarkana, Arkansas 71854
(903) 277-1195 (cell)

Mare Owner’s Signature


City, State, Zip___________________________
Phone number___________________

REGISTRATION NUMBER______________________

Howdy Smith  Reining Horses, hereinafter known as Stallion Owner, Breeder, and __________________________
hereafter known as Mare Owner agree to breed the mare named above and only that mare to  CIELOS ELECTRIC
JAC using shipped cooled semen for the 202
0 breeding season, upon the following terms and conditions:

1. Mare Owner agrees to pay a breeding fee of $500, plus $250 nonrefundable booking fee which includes 1st
shipment. The booking fee is due and payable at/or before the time this contract is signed. The remainder of the
breeding fee is due and payable before the semen is shipped.

2. Mare Owner must complete and return the attached Stallion Breeding Contract along with this Shipped Cooled
Semen Addendum, booking fee and the initial shipping charges. Semen is collected on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, or as needed.

(A) semen collection, preparation and shipping…………………………….. $300
(First shipment is no charge, included in Booking  Fee)

3. Semen collection, preparation and shipping charges are due with each shipment.

4. Mare Owner will complete mare history form and attach it to Shipped Cooled Semen Addendum.

5. Breeder must be notified by 1 (One) PM the day prior to needing semen shipped. It is therefore essential that the
attending veterinarian palpates the mare and determines the approximate time of ovulation.

6. CIELOS ELECTRIC JAC  has been DNA tested. The semen has been analyzed and tested and is free from
infectious or contagious disease. The sperm count, motility and packaging process meet or exceed industry
standards. The Breeder assumes responsibility only to ship enough extended semen that the Mare Owner should
receive progressively motile sperm.

7. It is agreed that Stallion Owner, Breeder and any of their employees are not to be held liable for delays in delivery,
semen that is lost in shipment, or mishandled in any manner after it leaves Breeder’s farm. This Contract and
Addendum do not guarantee that semen will be available on the day the Mare Owner requests semen. Mares on the
premises of Breeder’s farm have a breeding priority on breeding days.

8. The shipment of semen will have attached the appropriate forms to be completed by the attending veterinarian at
the time of insemination and a copy shall be mailed to The American Quarter Horse Association or other required
association and the Breeder. Mare Owner is responsible for requirement/limitations of any other breed including but
not limited to Paint Horse Association and Appaloosa Horse Club.

9. If all necessary forms are not returned at the prescribed times all guarantees of this agreement shall become null
and void.

10. It is understood that the burden of conception is placed almost entirely on the Mare Owner and their veterinarian
and/or technician. The mare must be bred immediately upon the receipt of semen and proper methods of handling
must be used.

11. For rebreedings, Mare Owner will be required to pay additional charges for semen collection, preparation,
shipping and container rental. If mare is sold, dies or changes ownership after being serviced by CIELOS ELECTRIC
JAC the rebreed is no longer valid.

12. A $15 a day fee is charged if equitainer is not returned to breeding farm within 7 (seven) days.

13. This Addendum is good for one foal only. Should this breeding result in multiple foals, whether intentional or
accidental, Mare Owner agrees to pay $750 for each resulting foal before a breeder’s certificate will be issued.

Howdy Smith Reining Horses
6686  East St.
Texarkana , Arkansas 71854
(903)277-1195 (cell)


Mare Owner's/Agent Signature